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  1. Great Tom Paine quote which I shared at my Facebook page and at Washington’s Blog on the Senate report on US use of TORTURE. You and your readers would like this playlist! “Tom Paine: Courageous Revolutionary Writer” Playlist at SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY YouTube Channel of the BFUU Social Justice Committee – This playlist is a collection of diverse videos that have one thing in common, an admiration and celebration of the writings of Thomas Paine, for their role in history, and for how well the writings ring true to this day. Inspired by the annual “TOM PAINE COURAGEOUS SPIRIT AWARDS” at Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, California on January 30, 2014 at the occasion of Tom Paine’s 277th Birthday (January 29, 1737). 2014 Award recipients were: Peter Dale Scott, Bonnie Faulkner, Vic Sadot, Cynthia McKinney, Scott Olsen, Diana Bohn, and Chelsea Manning. Chelsea was in prison starting a 35 year sentence. So Scott Olsen agreed to get the award to her via the organization called Courage To Resist. Cynthia McKinney joined us by Skype. All others are there and in this video!

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