On the Use and Abuse of Power and Liberty

“Those who abuse liberty when they possess it would abuse power could they obtain it”
-Thomas Paine

The genius of the Constitution is in the assurance of liberty for the many and balance of power away from the one, or the few. In theory at least.

How does that theory hold up in 2007?

On Keeping the True Cause Alive in Troubled Times

“Though the cause of America is the most honorable that man ever engaged in, I am not so dazzled by it as not to perceive the faults that are twisting themselves round it, and unnaturally claiming kindred with it.”
Thomas Paine

In a troubled time such as we live, it is too easy to be dazzled by symbolism and paralyzed by fear, slowly letting in the choking weeds of oppression, suspicion, and aggression in the name of liberty and freedom, strangling the very thing for which we claim to hold dear and unique to our purpose.

Lies and obfuscation in the highest echelons of government can rarely, if ever, truly align itself with the true cause and idea of America.