On Change, Creating a Better World, and Gratitude

Thomas Paine and a Better WorldTo see it in our power to make a world happy – to teach mankind the art of being – to exhibit on the theater of the universe, a character hitherto unknown – and to have, as it were, a new creation entrusted to our hands, are honors that command reflection, and can neither be too highly estimated, nor too gratefully received.
-Thomas Paine, The Crisis, Number 13

To have the opportunity to express the best in ourselves, to hope and work in hopes of a better world, and to receive the challenge with introspection and gratitude.

Thomas Paine expressed the ideals that inspired the revolution of enlightenment that changed the course of history of nations and men, and reverberates yet today.

Thomas Paine Takes a Break
Of all the history blogs in this project, Thomas Paine is the one that means the most. His words got this project started, and serve as the founding spark that propel it forward, happily immersed in the words of wisdom that call from our collective past.

The Thomas Paine Blog returns the first week of March. Until then, we’ll remember that, as Paine said, “We have it in our power to make the world over again”

On Talk Radio and Rush Limbaugh

The “Among ridiculous things nothing is more ridiculous than ridiculous rage.”
-Thomas Paine

There are those that don’t know which battles to choose in life, those that do, and those that charge into an invented battle with indignation and rage, obscuring, to the casual observer, the twisted deficiency of the invention. For whatever reason it is done, it is ridiculous to its core.

While certainly not the only one, Rush Limbaugh comes to mind.

If Mr. Limbaugh’s brain is “on loan from God”, then God should foreclose.