On Mudslinging in Political Campaigns

“To draw foolish portraits of each other, is a mode of attack and reprisal, which the greater part of mankind are fond of indulging.”
-Thomas Paine

Every election cycle, early on, civility is promised.

Then, as events heat up in the mad race to election day, civility turns to accusation and acrimony. Cries of “foul!” ensue, along with a general lament from the press, that nonetheless eats it all up and serves it to a waiting electorate.

And in the end, as ever before, we get the leaders we deserve.

On Being Wrong for the Right Reasons

“It is more generous to be wrong on the side of confidence than on the side of suspicion.”
-Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason

To be forthright in your belief, and be wrong, is better than to error in unwarranted suspicion.